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What are transports? Transports are organised groups of volunteers who rescue animals by moving them from a shelter in Florida to a rescue or home in another State.

Where do the pets come from? Some are from kill shelters where the animals life is in danger and are being moved to a no-kill rescue. Others are in rescues and have been found a home some distance away but it is too far for the adopter to transport the animal themselves.

How far do I have to drive? The journey is divided up into legs of about an hour. You can drive as many legs as you like. If you volunteer early the route can often be adjusted so that you can start and finish where it is convenient to you.

Do I get paid? No, it is totally voluntary. Some rescues will pay for your fuel if they are desperate to move some animals.

What happens if I volunteer to transport a dog and then change my mind? If a replacement driver cannot be found the transport will not take place and the pet may die! Please make sure that you are available on the date specified and that you and your vehicle are road worthy before volunteering.

For more information see the Florida Urgent Transport Program

Save a Life - Adopt a Pet from a Shelter/Rescue
Many unwanted pets are taken to county shelters where their life is in danger as soon as they enter the door. All the animals here have either been abandoned or abused/neglected or surrendered. They have all been rescued, which means they have at been in at least one home. When considering adoption, please make sure you are ready to give a loving and forever home to him or her. That includes considering them if you are moving home. If you are planning on moving home, ensure that you are permitted to have pets in your new home BEFORE signing a contract. If you are planning a vacation and cannot take your pet with you, please be sure to have someone available to temporarily take care of it. These animals are NOT disposable, they have feelings and also grieve when they lose you, therefore it is of the utmost importance that you consider this before adopting a pet. Most of these wonderful animals end up on 'death row' when surrendered to the pound, or remain homeless for months and even years and may never find another home. PLEASE take adoption seriously!

Dogs Needing Homes

Cats Needing Homes

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Scrap (and hundreds like him) left to die at the pound

Page updated: January 26th 2020
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